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SMS Cafeteria

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School Breakfast and Lunch Program


Student Paid Lunch


Student Reduced Lunch


Student Paid Breakfast


Student Reduced Breakfast


Adult Employee Lunch


Adult Employee Breakfast


Visitor Lunch


Visitor Breakfast



Applications for free and reduced-priced lunches are available to all students. Eligibility is determined according to household income.Students may bring their lunches from home if they desire. In accordance with the Federal Lunchroom Program, candy and carbonated drinks are not allowed in the lunchroom.

Students must have lunch money in his or her lunch account and/or pay for their lunch before the school day begins. Students who do not have money will not be allowed to eat. Federal Law prohibits the charging of school lunches.

For questions about lunch accounts, please call 222-4090 ext. 135.


Cafeteria Staff:

Wilma Sport -Manager

Melissa King- Assistant Manager

Amber Benzee

Charlotte Dauphin

Melissa Jones

Tammy Jones


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